Tax Management Consulting

Tax Management Consulting

Facing increasing legal requirements and the complexity of how global multinationals are organized, appropriate IT solutions are needed for an efficient and effective fulfillment of companies’ compliance requirements. In our experience most companies can benefit from thinking about how and to what extent their tax processes can be improved by tax technology. A digital strategy is your roadmap to make your tax function fit for the future.

There is a range of available tax software solutions that can improve the quality of your tax work, starting from a (simple) database for managing tax filing deadlines, up to a tax platform having all tax relevant workstreams integrated such as tax accounting, transfer pricing, VAT filings and tax audit management including the tax compliance processes.

To give you an overview of the possible tax IT solutions, please see the following:

  • Due date management (tax returns, tax assessment notices)
  • Reporting Modules (e.g. Country-by-Country Reporting, DAC6 Reporting)
  • Tax Audit Management
  • Tax Compliance Management Systems
  • Deferred Tax Management (Calculation of current and deferred taxes)
  • Transfer Pricing Management (Documentation,  Inhoiuse -Benchmarking)
  • Tax forecasting


Based on an analysis of your organization and your current/future processes we can develop your digital strategy with you. We can also support you regarding identification, evaluation and implementation of the right tax software. We have a very good market overview and know the existing tax solutions. Therefore we are able to find the IT solution that fits you best and at competitive prices.

Our service in the area of tax management consulting are:

  • Performing requirement analysis and deviation of your digital strategy
  • Order development
  • Software identification, evaluation and contract negotiation
  • Decision making support
  • Implementation